Where Tradition & Innovation Converge

Today, GZ Energy is an industry-leading entity, implicitly trusted by countless clients for its physical bioenergy brokerage and consulting services. While the company remains firmly rooted in its traditional brokerage services for physical biodiesel, renewable diesel and renewable natural gas (RNG), it is simultaneously revolutionizing the industry via its GZX cloud-based trading platform.

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Industry Leading

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Future Focused

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Enormous Benefits

GZX, the Future of Compliance Credit Trading

The future-focused GZ Energy, never satisfied with stagnation, has developed an innovative software that has irrevocably altered compliance credit trading. GZX, a digital trading platform, enables market participants to freely and discreetly trade RIN, CA LCFS, and OR CFP credits without the participation of a broker. Its advantages and features were designed to provide market participants with a modern way in which to efficiently transact compliance credits for physical bilateral settlement off platform.

The New Standard in Emissions Trading

  • Broker-Free Trading
  • Live Market Depth
  • Firm Orders, No Ambiguity
  • Anonymous, Discreet Trading
  • Filterable Market Trade History
  • Customizable RIN Generator Lists for Every Order
  • Lower Transaction Fees
  • 24/7 Personalized Support
  • Counterparty Risk Management
  • Easy On-Boarding and Intuitive Design
  • Extractable Data to Streamline Operations, Risk, and Compliance Needs
  • Time Optimization with the “Good-Until” Feature

Meet Garret Zarembo

Garret Zarembo’s varied career in the renewable fuel industry – both as a trader and broker – has granted him a unique perspective on the nuances of the market. His familiarity with the trading, compliance, logistics, operations, and brokerage aspects of the industry compelled him to found GZ Energy, a physical commodities brokerage and consultancy within the bioenergy space.


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The future is now. Don’t linger in the past.

Built by a former trader for traders, GZX will take your trading to the next level, allowing you to focus on your book and retain more profit.